How can your organization benefit simply by applying for the Campbell Award?

The Robert W. Campbell Award application process can be daunting. Applicants who achieve finalist or winner status are able to gain notoriety and benchmark with other high-performing organizations as they reach the highest levels of the process. However, you don’t have to reach this pinnacle to learn how to improve your organization’s EHS management system. Simply by applying, your organization will be able to identify systemic gaps through the collection and writing of the application. The criteria feedback from international experts will further clarify those gaps and can point out missing pieces. So, how can you get involved?

It starts with putting your organization’s story to paper. The Campbell Award criteria serve as a guide for self-evaluation and provide the foundation on which excellence in EHS is evaluated from a business systems perspective. Leadership, performance measurements & information management, the linkage between EHS & business performance and lessons learned are among the different areas that are evaluated in the review process. Organizations large and small can apply regardless of employee size and judged in two independent categories. Category I is for organizations with more than 1000 workers, Category II is for organizations with 1000 or fewer.

Award Criteria
Executive Summary

Section I: Business Profile

Section II: Leadership

Section III: Integrated EHS Management System

Section IV: Performance Measurements & Information Management

Section V: Linkage Between EHS & Business Performance

Section VI: Lessons Learned

Section VII: Example EHS ChallengeSection VIII: Data Snapshot

Each applicant, regardless of category, will progress through the same review process. Once past the initial screening phase, each submittal is evaluated by an average of 6 members of the Review Panel. Applicants are judged on the information in the submission and on the organization of material, clarity of language and supporting data. Reviewers provide quantitative and qualitative feedback for each section and element of the criteria. Campbell Award applicants utilize the feedback to implement change within their organization. Some gain even more benefits when you advance as a finalist, such as an onsite assessment of your facilities by a team of four EHS experts. 

Start the application conversation by filling out the Letter of Intent. From there, get connected to a past winner to mentor you through the application. Also, consider these 10 tips for success when planning to apply. Applications require a nominal submission fee.

While we recognize that the process of applying is a time commitment, the benefits allow for focused continuous improvement for all organizations who decide to engage with the Campbell Award. Ultimately, the mission of the Award is to use evidence-based findings to help business leaders effectively advance business strength by embracing the value of EHS management. We hope your organization joins the many that have made this journey and become a part of this network of organizations.

Written by: Katherine Mendoza – Director, Campbell Institute & Director, EHS – National Safety Council

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