Advisory & Steering Committees

The Steering and Advisory Committees are at the core of the Institute and drive the many programs and initiatives. Providing leadership, direction and guidance, Steering and Advisory Committee members are thought leaders in every sense of the term. They are selfless in sharing their insights and lessons learned in order to improve not only the Institute but all of its participating organizations. Supporting these Committees are the four Institute subcommittees: Events, Outreach, Participation, and Research.

In addition to our subcommittees, the Institute has launched a series of workgroups: Contractor Management, EHS Communications, Health & Wellbeing, Leading Indicators, and SIF Prevention. These topical groups allows for direct knowledge transfer and benchmarking on key issues amongst members, and also allows new ideas and projects to bubble up based on member interest.

Steering Committee Members


Chair, Campbell Institute
Executive Director – Corporate Health, Safety & Environment, Cummins, Inc.

Director – Driver, Transport & Fleet Safety, United Rentals

Board Chairman, National Safety Council
Board Director and Consultant

Vice Chair, Campbell Institute
President & Chief Operating Officer, ISN

Chief Sustainability Officer & VP, EHS, The Dow Chemical Company

Chair, Research Subcommittee
Director, Safety and Health, USG Corporation

Chair, Participation Subcommittee
Senior Manager Safety, Exelon Corporate Safety and Environmental Sustainability, Exelon

Corporate COE Director for Personnel Safety & Security, Exxon Mobil Corporation

Chair, Outreach Subcommittee
Partner, Global Director – Safety Programs, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

President & CEO, National Safety Council

Lead, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workgroup
General Manager, Boeing Canada Winnipeg

Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager, GPIC

General Counsel & Company Secretary, Firmenich International SA

Chair, Events Subcommittee
Director, Safety & Environmental Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric

Corporate Director, Enterprise Safety, Owens Corning


The Engagement subcommittee identifies new ways to engage with member organizations, with an aim of enhancing the participation of membership.

The Events Subcommittee identifies opportunities and platforms for the Institute to hold and participate in events worldwide by providing a collective expert knowledge base. The subcommittee strategically guides event content and recommends opportunities and further actions to be taken by the Institute.

Chair: Erick Walberth, Director, Safety & Environmental Global Supply Chain, Schneider Electric

The Outreach Subcommittee manages the Campbell Institute branding presence and guides outreach to the public. The subcommittee recommends actions to increase, decrease, or maintain outreach initiatives to improve the Campbell Institute brand and representation.

Chair: Rob Junnier, Partner, Global Director – Safety Programs, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

The Participation Subcommittee seeks opportunities and engages organizations and individuals with interests and skills that might enhance the mission, vision, and belief of the Campbell Institute, as well as return a benefit to those partners.  Where partnership opportunities arise, the subcommittee vets the feasibility of such and recommends actions and possible relationships within the Institute.

Chair: Cliff Gibson, Senior Manager Safety, Exelon

The Research Subcommittee identifies new and innovative research in EHS, with an aim of enhancing the understanding of critical and emerging topics to advance the mission of the Campbell Institute.  In addition, the subcommittee undertakes original research, conducts literature reviews, and engages renowned experts in industry and academia. Where research and knowledge opportunities arise, the subcommittee vets the quality of such and recommends their place in the Campbell Institute.

Chair: Justin Dugas, Director, Safety and Health, USG Corporation

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The Campbell Institute Inclusion & Diversity Workgroup brings together Campbell Institute members to guarantee forward progress on this important topic within EHS. Over the last year and a half, a task force has developed a multi-pronged approach for the Institute. The purpose of this group is to ensure continued progress and successful completion of the action plan while solidifying the Institute as a transformative force for inclusion and diversity.

Lead: Jason Townsell, Netflix

The Campbell Institute Leadership Workgroup provides a platform for Institute member discussion, benchmarking, and action on the topic of leadership and related elements. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, leadership skills are shifting and incorporating aspects that were once thought to be non-essential for success. The goal of this workgroup is to discuss these new necessities and form a collaborative approach to address these changes and prepare individuals for the new world of leadership.

The Leading Indicator Workgroup increases the understanding and benchmarking of leading indicators for environmental, health, and safety. The workgroup engages in discussion regarding leading indicator program implementation and indicator selection and participates in original research regarding leading indicators and engages renowned experts in industry and academia.

Lead: Kevin Converse, Director, Division Safety, United Rentals

The Campbell Institute Safety Culture Workgroup collaborates and discusses changes in safety climate and culture, particularly shifts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of this group is to assist in the development and analysis of the current state of safety culture through surveys, discussions and interviews. Workgroup members will have the opportunity to measure changes in their organization and benchmark with their peers.

The SIF Prevention Workgroup provides a platform for Institute Member knowledge sharing, discussion, benchmarking, and collective action around the topic of SIF prevention, including related elements such as risk and potential, causal analysis, EHS management system design and communication, human performance, and organizational reliability and learning.

Lead: Taylor Abel, Director of Safety, United Rentals