Research is at the heart of what we do—discovering proven knowledge and practical methods to improve the environment, health, and safety of our employees and communities. The Campbell Institute recognizes opportunities to advance the science of EHS through original research; learn about our current and past research by downloading our white papers.

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention

Designing Strategy for Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention

Serious Injury and Fatality Prevention: Perspectives and Practices

Contractor Management

Contractor Life Cycle: Managing Expectations

Best Practices in Contractor Management

Leading Indicators

An Implementation Guide to Leading Indicators

Elevating EHS Leading Indicators: From Defining to Designing

Practical Guide to Leading Indicators: Metrics, Case Studies & Strategies

Transforming EHS Performance Measurement

Health & Wellbeing

Beyond Safety: Leading Indicators for Health and Wellbeing

A Systems Approach to Worker Health and Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing: Bridging Safety and Health

Visual Literacy

Visual Literacy: How "Learning to See" Benefits Occupational Safety

A Second Look: Update on Visual Literacy


Understanding Fatigue Risk: Assessment and Countermeasures


Profiles in Sustainability: Business, Community and Environment

EHS Management Systems

Defining EHS Excellence: Best Practices from Campbell Award Winners

Risk Perception

Risk Perception: Theories, Strategies and Next Steps


Defining EHS Leadership in World Class Organizations

Off The Job

Defining Off-the-Job EHS Excellence