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Workplace Wellbeing: Bridging Safety and Health

Employee health and wellbeing is not just an emerging topic in the EHS field, but one that is quickly gaining momentum. More organizations are pioneering the concept of integrated health and safety and believe that a true culture of health and safety depends not only on a strong safety program, but also a worker wellbeing program. Tune in to this Campbell Institute webinar to discover how Institute members have implemented wellbeing programs and the lessons they have learned along the way.



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Profiles in Sustainability: Business, Community, and Environment 

"Sustainability" for Campbell Institute member companies is about more than just being green - it's also about protecting worker health and safety, and ensuring a profitable business for years to come. In this webinar, hear the findings from a recent Campbell Institute research study on corporate sustainability, and learn about the sustainability efforts of Institute members - what they're doing well and how they plan on becoming even better. 



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A CEO's View of Risk Management 

Have you ever wanted to hear a leader's personal story of improving EHS and risk management, particularly at a time when an organization experiences a major incident? Tune in for the Campbell Institute's "Best of the Symposium" webinar to hear Nick Stavropoulos' reprise presentation on how he influenced environment, health and safety at Pacific Gas and Electric, and how this information can be used to continue your organization's Journey to Safety Excellence!



Graphic - Dividing LineCapitalizing on Technology for Workforce Competency 

Developing and retaining talent worldwide is a challenge for even the most resource-rich organizations. Identifying competencies, matching the right people to the right roles, and aligning cultural differences with corporate expectations are just some of the challenges. Yet innovative approaches exist that not only meet these needs, but exceed them to find cost savings and improve EHS. This "Best of the Symposium" webinar reprises Tom McWilliams's presentation on how Suncor Energy is developing and retaining talent, then hear from Robert Day, a Competency Metric Analyst, on how the objective third party assessment tool is being used in various organizations to reduce high risk events, empower self-directed learning and build what has been described as demonstrable due diligence. This session is of value to senior leaders responsible for human resources, legal, supply chain and occupational health and safety risk.



Graphic - Dividing LineBest Practices in Health and Wellness Programs 

Campbell Institute members ISN and Cummins co-present this webinar on the keys to a successful wellness program. From the development of ISN's own program to a special case study from Cummins, learn about what it takes to turn ideas into actions. Take a look at this very insightful piece where you can take away some of the best practices from two of the leading organizations in the industry. 



Graphic - Dividing LineBuilding a Safer Workplace through Innovation and Leadership

Strong performance in environmental, health and safety isn't necessarily sustained by doing the same thing over and over again. New thinking and innovation is needed to address critical issues like serious injury and fatalities, help organizations avoid complacency, and keep organizations focused on continuous improvement. Hear from three top leaders that are using imagination, resourcefulness, innovative thought, and new practices to go beyond engaged employees and current EHS excellence. Join the Campbell Institute in an encore presentation of the Executive Forum, originally presented at the 2015 National Safety Council Congress & Expo.


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Leading Indicators, from Defining to Designing

The use of leading indicators - proactive, preventive and predictive measures to identify and eliminate risks and hazards in the workplace - is a hot topic in environmental, health and safety. This webinar, part of the Campbell Institute research webinar series, will touch briefly on the Institute's previous two years of leading indicators research that has described leading indicators, explained their importance and shared specific examples of indicators. It will then delve into the results of the latest white paper that provides case studies and advice for getting started with leading indicators at your organization.


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Best Practices in Contractor Safety webinar

This webinar is part of the Campbell Institute webinar series highlighting Institute research. This presentation will dive into the results of a recent white paper on the best practices of managing contractor safety among Institute members and partners. The presentation will also provide specific examples from Institute participants and talk about some of the common challenges they face in managing contractor safety.


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Best of the Symposium - Beyond Aging Workers

Many organizations experience the challenges of an aging workforce, prompting them to put holistic health and wellness programs in place - which can be met with pushback, privacy concerns and apprehension from workers. This presentations helps find the right balance.

Download more information from L.L.Bean

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Best of the Symposium - Total Worker Health

Recent research has shown that many workplace safety and health programs have a significant gap in caring for the wellbeing of workers, focusing solely on safety and protecting workers from hazards in the workplace. The Total Worker Health™ program was designed to integrate workplace safety protection with off-the-job health promotion to create a more effective way of protecting workers. Tune in for this "Best of the Symposium" Campbell Institute webinar to learn about the Total Worker Health™ program from its director, Casey Chosewood, and discover how this information can be used to continue your organization's Journey to Safety Excellence.


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Leading Indicators: Metrics, Case Studies & Strategies

Leading indicators continues to be a key area of interest in the field of EHS because of its potential to give advance warning of problems before they can cause real harm. Join us as we share the latest findings from our research on the leading indicators being tracked at world-class Campbell Institute Member organizations.

This presentation looked into the results of a two-year research project to advance the state of knowledge and practice regarding the use of leading indicators to improve EHS performance. Learn about the matrix of leading indicators created by a workgroup of EHS experts from world-class Campbell Institute Members.


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Talent, Demographics, and Engagement - Learn from Nike

Managing, developing and engaging the EHS and business leaders of tomorrow is one of the most challenging issues organizations face. Learn best practices from Nike on how to manage changing demographics and get the most out of your most important resource - your people.

First delivered at the 2014 Campbell Institute Symposium, this thought-provoking presentation shares insights and lessons learned from Nike's approach to the complex issue of talent acquisition, development, and management. Learn about the key engagement factors across demographic lines, explore the trust dividend, and engage with the presenter and your peers during this focused hour-long session.

Download the presentation and learn from Nike

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The Campbell Institute Virtual Forum   

Sharing the finest of Campbell content from the 2013 NSC Congress & Expo, the Virtual Forum gives busy professionals like you the opportunity to learn from experienced experts. 

Listen to presentations on the following topics from industry thought leaders:

  • Culture & Risk: Dave Eherts, Vice President and Chief Safety Officer, Sikorsky
  • Leading Indicators: Michelle Garner-Janna, Director, Occupational Health and Safety, Cummins
  • Operationalizing Excellence: John Sampson, Vice President of Manufacturing, The Dow Chemical Company

View the webinar to experience the Virtual Forum


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