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The Campbell Institute is a proud Partner of the national Safe + Sound Campaign. The Safe + Sound Campaign encourages every workplace in the U.S. to have a safety and health program, a proactive approach to identifying and managing workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness.



1. Management Leadership

2. Worker Participation

3. Finding & Fixing Hazards


Throughout the year, the Campaign will provide access to free live webinars, educational content, and local events that can help support the adoption of safety and health programs.  These opportunities will all lead up to Safe + Sound Week, a nationwide event taking place August 13-19, where businesses around the country host events or activities that can help initiate or energize a safety and health program.  Safe + Sound Week is a great opportunity to show your commitment to safety.


10 Ways to Get Your Program Started

1.         Set safety and health as the top priority

2.         Lead by example

3.         Implement a reporting system

4.         Provide training

5.         Conduct safety inspections

6.         Collect hazard control ideas

7.         Implement hazard controls

8.         Address emergencies

9.         Seek worker input on workplace changes

10.     Improve your safety program

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