It’s A Wrap! Highlights from the 2019 Symposium

The Institute celebrated its 6th annual Symposium in the scenic Pacific Northwest in February. Over 200 attendees heard from top leaders in the fields of data, diversity, gig economy, and safety throughout the day and a half event.

Day 1

The first day started with Caleb Wall (ERM), Obed Varela (Takeda Pharmaceutical), Geoff Walter (Owens Corning), and Keith Bowers (Bowers Management Analytics) coming together to speak about the accessibility of data visualization, leadership engagement when it comes to caring about safety metrics, and using analytics to prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

Michael Bach (Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion), Angela Hall (Boeing), and Mohamed Abdillahi (Boeing) dove into the ever so important topic of diversity and inclusion. Diversity was discussed as a driver for diverse perspectives in EHS and an essential tool in solving issues within the organization.

Paul Cortois and Laura Higginbotham shared the Owens Corning approach to fatigue risk management as a part of their wellness program. Thomas DiSalvi (Schneider National) explained how sleep apnea poses a high risk for their truck drivers.

Steven Simon (Culture Change Consultants), Steffi Bryson (Uber), and Joe Stough (WAITR) spoke of organizational culture or operational excellence as it relates to safety.

Day 2

As the definitions and vocabulary surrounding serious injuries and fatalities begins to universalize, Steve Lilley (NASA), Jennifer Swaim (Terex), and Kristen Bell (Krause Bell Group) detailed their own approaches at reducing exposure and preventing SIFs.

Rajni Walia and David Musgrave (DEKRA) outlined human performance reliability when it comes to addressing risk. Wrapping up the conference were Cliff Gibson (Exelon) and Monika Bay (Safety and Operational Risk Solutions, LLC) who leveraged neuroscience to reduce the risk of serious injury and fatalities.

The Institute will continue to push the envelope with leading edge topics at the 2020 Symposium in February.

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