Campbell member ISN Teams up with SAFER at NSC

ISN has partnered with the National Safety Council (NSC) as a lead sponsor to help support the Safe Actions for Employee Returns (SAFER) initiative. ISN has been a member of the Campbell Institute since 2015, displaying a commitment to our mission of helping organizations achieve and sustain EHS excellence. In a natural progression, ISN became involved in the SAFER initiative, launched at the start of the pandemic to help employers prioritize safety as they return employees to traditional work environments and schedules in a post-quarantine world.

A primary tool of the SAFER initiative includes a COVID-19 Employer Vulnerability self-assessment. After completing a 12-question assessment of their employees’ work environment, employers received a COVID-19 transmission risk assessment score varying from low to very high. Employers were also provided targeted, actionable health and safety recommendations about work environments and daily activities to minimize COVID-19 transmission when returning employees to worksites. The recommendations were developed in partnership with Fortune 500 companies, leading safety organizations and public health professionals. Employee safeguards are organized into the following control measure categories:

  • Business Operations Control
  • Employee Wellbeing
  • Detection & Physical Distancing
  • Environmental Hygiene

Survey Takeaways

ISN received hundreds of responses on the COVID-19 Employer Vulnerability self-assessment survey distributed to ISNetworld subscribed and NSC member companies in August. ISN’s Data Science Team then completed a data analysis of the self-assessment responses, compared it with data from ISNetworld and noted the following takeaways:

  1. Larger contractor companies with more Hiring Client connections in ISNetworld are at a higher risk of COVID-19 exposure but are also more prepared and have implemented more control measures.
  2. Contractors who have developed more complete procedures based on the responses from the Pandemic Response Questionnaire in ISNetworld have more robust COVID-19 safeguards.
  3. Contractors with the most robust pandemic preparedness procedures have 60% lower incident rates.

Participant Feedback

ISN contractor customers provided positive feedback on the ability to assess their processes and plans through the survey and identify any gaps that needed to be addressed. “Your questionnaire was a useful review of the action(s) we’ve planned and taken,” said Carolann Phalen, VP of process management at The Hillis Group, LLC. “It’s a good reminder to cycle back, as needed to [re]fresh and remind the organizational community of the offerings, tools, procedures [and] protocols put forth by our government, the CDC, the WHO and our leadership team to help them remain safe during these challenging times.”

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