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Join us in Austin TX, on February 25-26, 2016 Each year the Campbell Institute presents the Symposium; a ground-breaking event where attendees explore what lies ahead in the field of EHS. True to the root of the word, the Symposium focuses on the free and open exchange of ideas among peers. Presentations are brief, topics are provocative and discussion is thought-provoking.

Symposium - Topics Announced

  • FUTURE RISKSLearn what risks are on the horizon and what you can do to combat them as a leader
  • INTEGRATING EHS&SLeverage your systems to make them greater than the sum of their parts
  • A STRESSFUL CONVERSATIONListen to a candid conversation on workplace stress and how to handle it
  • HUMAN PERFORMANCE RISKS & REMEDIES - Explore the heart (or mind) of human behavior and  why it is sometimes inconsistent and inexplicable
  • A CEO'S VIEW OF RISK MANAGEMENT - See what a leader is doing today to influence  EHS and risk in the future
  • ENGAGEMENT AT ALL LEVELSHear how to meaningfully engage executives and the front line through a compelling case study

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Early bird rates expire October 1, 2015!

$499 Institute Members | $399 Early Bird
$599 General Attendees | $499 Early Bird
$199 Symposium Stream*


Book your room at the Hilton, Austin



Event Organizer: Katie Knee
Phone: 1.630.775.2071


 *Live streaming and on-demand services of the Symposium will be available to remote attendees. 




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