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Join us in Austin TX, on February 25-26, 2016 Each year the Campbell Institute presents the Symposium; a ground-breaking event where attendees explore what lies ahead in the field of EHS. True to the root of the word, the Symposium focuses on the free and open exchange of ideas among peers. Presentations are brief, topics are provocative and discussion is thought-provoking.

Symposium - Speakers Announced

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Symposium - KeynotesKeynotes by:

Todd clarifies the relationship between the workers in the field and the organization's systems, processes, and programs. He will share practices and ideas he uses in his own workplace and at event investigations in other workplaces.

Andrew Winston . THE BIG PIVOT
Andrew makes the case that the way companies operate today cannot keep up with the rate of change in our physical world. The leaders that make the Big Pivot will build resilient, flexible organizations that profit by creating a healthier, more sustainable, more profitable world. 

  • Scott Harczynski INTEGRATION OF EHS . Scott is Vice President HSE and Facilities at Honeywell Aerospace and will tell how to leverage the EHS system to make it greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Dr. Susan L. KoenHUMAN PERFORMANCE RISKS & REMEDIES . Susan will share a roadmap of changes needed to achieve high human reliability and operating discipline with human behavior and why it is sometimes inconsistent and inexplicable.
  • Nick StavropoulosA CEO'S VIEW OF RISK MANAGEMENT . Nick is President, Gas, at Pacific Gas and Electric Company and will be sharing what leadership at PG&E is doing today to influence EHS and risk in the future.

Additional topics and speakers to be announced soon! 

Symposium - Honeycomb

$499 Institute Members
$599 General Attendees
$199 Symposium Stream - a live-stream service of the Symposium for remote attendees

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Event Organizer: Katie Knee
Phone: 1.630.775.2071





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