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In undertaking its mission to eliminate preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy, the National Safety Council (NSC) developed the international Robert W. Campbell Award to serve as a catalyst toward understanding the intrinsic value of EHS management in business excellence and sustainability.

In a natural progression of this endeavor, the National Safety Council, Robert W. Campbell Award winners and thought-leaders from high performing companies, launched the Campbell Institute (Institute). Among these thought-leaders are the Charter Member and Founder organizations; without these two groups and their dedication to this endeavor, the Institute would not be what it is today. 

Built on the belief EHS is at the core of business vitality, the Institute understands that EHS is fundamental to operational and financial performance, and seeks to help organizations, of all sizes and sectors, achieve and sustain excellence. The true power of the Institute lies in the sharing of proven knowledge, actionable solutions and best practices from leading-edge organizations worldwide. The Institute provides the platform for member organizations to disseminate EHS content through partnerships, events, and research - this is the transformative force in EHS. Each member is individually strong, but collectively stronger. 

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Vision: The trusted source for protecting people and preserving the planet

The Campbell Institute is the respected global thought leader for world-class knowledge on keeping people safe and stewarding the earth's valuable resources. When it comes to looking after the health and safety of all individuals, on- and off-the-job, and their communities, organizations seek out the Institute for expert knowledge and progressive research.

Mission: Enabling organizations to achieve and sustain environmental, health, and safety excellence

The Campbell Institute empowers all enterprises to become world-class organizations in environment, health, and safety through membership engagement and knowledge sharing. By gathering and disseminating the best practices and lessons learned from members, the Institute inspires all organizations to attain and maintain the highest EHS standards.

Belief: Protecting people and preserving the planet are integral to business excellence

The founding principle of the Campbell Institute is that environment, health, and safety is at the core of business vitality. Those organizations that seek operational and financial success must address the protection and stewardship of the earth's natural and human resources, the center of business performance.

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