The Campbell Institute has a passion for engaging organizations, whether they are on the leading-edge of EHS or just starting on their journey. Active member involvement in the Institute is truly the means to our success. We understand that all organizations can benefit from opportunities to enhance leadership, develop sound EHS management systems, and build skill sets to achieve and sustain excellence. It is with your knowledge, vision and commitment that we can move forward into a future of healthy, high performing workplaces.

Having sponsored the Campbell Award since its inception in 2004, ExxonMobil Corporation is proud to be a Charter Member of the Campbell Institute. We are encouraged by the potential of the Institute in becoming a source of leading-edge safety, health and environmental knowledge for use by others to help safeguard the well-being of people and the environment.

Jeff Woodbury, Vice President of Safety, Security, Health & Environment, ExxonMobil Corporation

Campbell Institute Participant Involvement

Charter Members

Charter Members are organizations that are strongly committed to EHS and business excellence. As leaders in their respective industries, Charter Members contribute to the Campbell Institute through the steering of initiatives and funding assistance. Charter Members participate in the Institute Committees and engage in meaningful and deep collaboration with Institute members based on organizational competencies, interests and business drivers

             If you are interested in becoming a Charter Member, please Contact Us to learn about the application process.


Partners are actively engaged in the work of the Institute through contribution to Institute sub-committees on specific tasks or activities. They help facilitate the advancement of the vision of the Campbell Institute through a commitment of knowledge, services and time, and also share best practices that will be used across organizations of all backgrounds and sizes. Partners' work contributes to the EHS mission of saving lives, reducing injuries and protecting the environment worldwide.

              If you are interested in becoming a Partner, please Contact Us and download a Sample Partner Agreement.


The Sponsor role provides individuals, organizations and companies the opportunity to contribute to one or more specific Institute initiatives or events, including National Safety Council Congress events or general sponsorship of the Campbell Institute for non-specific initiatives. Sponsors are able to sharpen their organization's edge by sharing with and learning from world-class peers. The Sponsor role also provides the opportunity to foster personal, professional and organizational growth through Institute networking.

              If you are interested in becoming a Sponsor; please Contact Us and look at our upcoming Events.

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