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Innovations result when smart companies find solutions to nagging issues. 

This year, any innovative environmental and/or health initiatives will be considered. This challenge is opened to you, if you believe that your organization has helped the triple bottom line - people, planet, profit - share your story with us and take the Innovation Challenge, presented by the Campbell Institute and the Stewardship Action Council. Raise the profile of your innovators who are deserving of international recognition and help advance the science of EHS to benefit millions globally.

Boomarang2016 Innovation Challenge Info Packet 

The Innovation Challenge supports the triple bottom line; regardless of size or industry, your organization will be empowered to reach goals, improve results and become more competitive.


Why the Innovation Challenge

Every organization understands that there is always room for improvement. Yet too often, these innovations, even when successful, go overlooked. Best practices resulting from innovations remain unshared with those who might benefit most from their implementation.

The Innovation Challenge honors organizations for their achievement in the implementation of an innovative program which addresses specific key EHS topics.


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