Abdulrahman Jawahery


What would be the single biggest indicator to you that you are doing the right thing?
We can look at GPIC's Health and Safety metrics and they are all positive and continuously improving which is fantastic.  However for me I think the best indicator for me is a feeling.  A sense of a "One team" spirit which is intrinsically part of GPIC and visitors always comment, that they can feel the "One Team" spirit in all things within the company.  I get many heart-warming e-mails from the likes of young work experience students who are with us for a short time, to Chief Executives who visit for a day.  All are clearly touched by their experience at GPIC and how confident and safe they feel as our guests.  This indicates to me more than anything that what we are doing, is the right thing.

How does your company participate internally to better EHS practices?
We emphasise the need for all management and supervisors to be health and safety champions.  We expect them to be shining examples of health and safety at all times.  We further empower all our employees and contractors to stop unsafe work, anyone not happy with what has to be done has to be reassured that the work will be done safely and with minimal risk.  We involve our employees to be actively involved with safety and their representatives form part of teams which look at HAZOPs, review of risk assessments, carry out Health and safety inspections and internal audits.  In addition we involve employees families, we have a family safety night and a SHE week celebrations.  Recently we have held health and safety and First aid course specifically for wives of GPIC employees.  During the summer we have a summer camp where we teach various aspects of safety to children including home, internet, road and fire safety.  In this way we hope to engender the whole family to talk safety and appreciate safety.

What has surprised you about being a CEO?
I think the most surprising part is it does not feel like work, however saying that it does have the long hours and is constant with lots of pressures.  However when I look at the people at GPIC and I see their enthusiasm and how they toil and constantly want to improve, which gives me the satisfaction and makes all my efforts worthwhile.  In return unexpectedly, I have experienced a great deal of respect and genuine love from the workforce and their families for which I am truly grateful.  It is a family with a genuine one team spirit.

How did you develop a passion for EHS? Was there a "light bulb" moment or did it come with time?
As a young engineer going to study abroad I was influenced by family members and respected colleagues to bring something back to Bahrain to help develop its industry.  This encouraged me to scan the horizon for new concepts not inherent in Bahrain.  It became clear from the influences from my University days in London that  Health and Safety was very much becoming the fore front of all my studies at that time.  I could see that in the UK especially, Health and Safety was becoming a major aspect of the workplace at that time.  During my work experiences abroad I could see differences in attitudes towards Health and Safety and it gave me the opportunity to observe the good and the bad.  It was very apparent to me the benefits of good Health and Safety I became staunch advocate to its promotion early in my career.  I can remember in my early days many a groan from my managers of that time, when I began to talk safety and they would say what is it going to cost?  I would always reply it is not what "safety cost but what safety saves".  I gained great confidence when I saw people's attitudes changing and I feel a tremendous amount of pride as I watched the subsequent generations getting to grips with health and safety and understanding its importance for today and the future.

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About GPIC

Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) was established in December 1979 as a joint venture between three GCC member states for the manufacture of fertilizers and petrochemicals. The joint venture is equally owned by the Government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, and Petrochemical Industries Company, Kuwait.

GPIC uses natural gas, which is readily available in Bahrain, as a feedstock for the production of 1,200 metric tonnes of Ammonia, 1,700 metric tonnes of Urea and 1,200 metric tonnes of Methanol, totalling 1.4 million tonnes each year. In addition to the production plants, the GPIC Complex, which was built in Sitra on a reclaimed area of 600,000 square metres, comprises utilities plants, maintenance workshops, offices, stores and laboratories. The Company employs 550 people, of whom 90% are Bahrainis.

The Company has a Board of Directors comprising representatives of the three shareholding states.  The Board of Directors is chaired by H.E. Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Advisor to H.H. The Prime Minister for Industrial and Oil Affairs. The Company's executive management is led by Mr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, Company President, who is assisted by a team of Bahraini Managers.

GPIC boasts of having realized numerous significant achievements. On the local level, the Company won the Award of His Royal Highness the Prime Minister for Industrial Excellence for Major Companies in 2001. On the regional level, GPIC received the Award of H.H. Shaikh Mohamed bin Rashid Al Makhtoom for Arab Management for Outstanding Arab Enterprises in 2002.  On the international level, the Company prides itself on receiving the Award of the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) as the best Company in the World in the Chemical Industries Sector in the area of Safety, Environment and Occupational Health, in 2003.  In the areas of maintenance and operations, the Company won two Awards from the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri, in 2005 and 2006, owing to its contributions to the environment. Further, the Company received the Saudi Arabian Award for Environmental Management twice, in 2006 and 2008.  In 2009, the Company won the Robert W Campbell Award for Occupational Safety and Health from the US National Safety Council, to become the only company in the world to receive the Sir George Earl Award from the UK and the Robert W Campbell Award from the US.  

The Company has effective management systems and accreditation includes Quality Management Certification ISO 9001, Environmental Management Certification ISO 14001 and Occupational Health & Safety Certification OHSAS 18001. These three management systems have been integrated. GPIC is also certified to ISO 27001, which deals with information security and has recently obtained the Responsible Care Certification RC 14001, the first enterprise to receive this certification in the Middle East.  

GPIC considers itself a role model in the protection of the environment and was the first industrial company to use practical demonstration project to verify the environmental credentials of its operations. A fish farm, a bird sanctuary, palm tree plantations and a herb garden have all been established at the GPIC site.  GPIC was also the first Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain to allocate prizes for environmental research in secondary schools, in addition to organizing environmental awareness lectures for students of primary and intermediate schools.

There is no doubt that the tremendous efforts made by the executive management and all the employees have contributed to maintaining this momentum and growth which augurs well for the future of the Company and its continuous success on all levels.


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