The Value of the Award Process

Find your value in the process

The Robert W. Campbell Award offers value just by applying:

  • Self-evaluation of your organization's EHS management system
  • Opportunity to have your practices reviewed by internationally-known experts
  • Written feedback on each section of the criteria; nearly 128 hours of review per application
  • In-person, assessments of at least two organization sites (Finalists Only)
  • Opportunity to join the Campbell Institute - a group of world-class EHS organizations

APPLY  The Campbell Award criteria provides you the tools to develop your application and to create and continuously improve a well-integrated EHS management system. The Campbell Award application process resembles an internal auditing process in which you evaluate your organization's EHS system, programs and practices.

REVIEW  Your application is evaluated by a panel of more than 40 internationally-known experts and leaders in the business, education, safety, health and environment fields. The International Review Panel provides you with written feedback on each section of the criteria. This feedback is considered by many as the most valuable step in the Campbell Award process, consisting of more than 100 hours of insight from highly-qualified experts.

ASSESS  If your organization is selected as a Finalist, a team will conduct on-site assessments at your headquarters and at least one operations site. This in-person evaluation will further add to your feedback as this team conducts a thorough assessment, complete with leadership interviews from the C-Suite to the shop floor, as well as operations walk-throughs.

WIN  By winning the Campbell Award, your organization has the opportunity to join a select group of world-class EHS organizations. Award Winners are recognized at the annual NSC Congress & Expo Opening Session and celebrated with a special dinner showcasing Winners' leadership and success.

Take the next step in your journey, use the 10-quesiton assessment tool to receive instant feedback regarding your readiness to Apply.


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