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Campbell Award - TrophyEstablished in 2004 and supported by a network of Global Partners across five continents, the international Robert W. Campbell Award recognizes organizations that achieve excellence through the integration of environmental, health and safety management into business operations. The Campbell Award aims to foster the sharing of leading-edge EHS management and best practices worldwide; learn more about the mission and goals

The Campbell Award is named after the first President of the National Safety Council, a noted safety pioneer who believed that the success of the safety movement would depend on educating engineers, top executives and the general public on the business benefits of EHS. 

            Safety work is today recognized as an economic necessity, and one
            of the more constructive movements that has ever come into our
            national life. It is the study of the right way to do things.
                                                                     Robert W. Campbell  1914

Utilizing a rigorous, evidence-based review process, the Campbell Award identifies and shares critical knowledge that enables current and future business leaders to enhance and sustain organizational vitality by embracing the intrinsic value of EHS. Underwritten by the Exxon Mobil Corporation, the Campbell Award has named world-class winners since its inception, and continues to seek  exemplary organizations of all industries and sizes.



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