Education and Continuous Improvement

The Award as an Educator

The Campbell Award is not an end to continuous improvement for the winning organizations; they strive to make their organizations and industries safer, and our world a better place. All Campbell Award winners develop informative case studies that showcase EHS innovation and results. In addition, an invitation is extended to join the Campbell Institute where they can contribute to leading-edge EHS events, research and knowledge sharing.

        The Campbell Family has introduced us to a wealth of new friends
             and information. We're honored to be a part of an elite group that
             will continue to contribute to enhancement of EHS through the
             Campbell movement, the Institute and the award. 

                                                                                                          Ebrahim Talib, BAPCO

In keeping with the spirit of the Campbell Award mission and goals, Award winners agree to share their winning submittal with the public as well as make appearances and presentations at various EHS and business seminars. 


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 Apply for the Campbell Award!

The Information Packet is your source for the Campbell Award application process; criteria, review information, forms, and more. Start your journey of EHS excellence today!