The Campbell Institute Library offers high-quality vetted materials to help organizations in their journey of continuous improvement. The following three articles are a look at the collection of best practices in EHS leadership, strategies and tactics that can be found in the Campbell Library.

Approaches to managing EHS & sustainability data

This report demonstrates how companies are using management information systems to track progress, improve performance and facilitate external communication.  These systems help organizations ensure regulatory compliance, increase efficiency and support public disclosure of sustainability achievements.

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Operational risk management

With a recent jump in regulatory mandates and increasingly active shareholders, many organizations have become increasingly sensitive to identifying areas of risk in their business: whether it is operational, IT, brand, or reputation related risk. This article will provide actionable intelligence, based on the practices adopted by 112 executives surveyed in August and September 2011, to effectively manage and mitigate these risks within your operations.

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Need Training? Conducting an effective needs assessment

The first step in developing a training program is to determine needs. This article will discuss how a training needs assessment is conducted and how to use the results to determine the model of your program and how to use it across different disciplines or industries.

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