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Aligning safety and social responsibility: Safety as a value-add to corporate stakeholders

While corporate decision makers can be convinced that safety is a worthwhile investment for its impact on the bottom line, they need to also understand that safety is part of their ethical responsibility.  The EHS professional has been tasked with the role of showing their executive team how safety management demonstrates good governance and social responsibility.

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Life-Saving Safety Rules

Certain work tasks or situations have so much potential risk that just one missed detail or distracted moment can lead to serious or fatal injury. "Life-saving rules", also known as cardinal rules, are designed just for these situations. However, implementation of these rules comes with its own set of challenges. A carefully planned approach is needed for successfully integrating life-saving rules into a workplace.

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The power and value of environmental health and safety audits

Cross-functional Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) audits represent one small, but very significant facet of an organization's EHS management system. Over the last decade, worldwide, a substantial number of EH&S initiatives, guidelines and standards have promoted the use of audits in defining an organization's baseline performance, establishing goals and monitoring progress toward achieving these goals. This article discusses the use of internal cross-functional EHS audits in engaging all levels of management in leading, prioritizing, and implementing EHS programs in a university environment.

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