The Campbell Institute Library offers high-quality vetted materials to help organizations in their journey of continuous improvement. The following three articles are a look at the collection of best practices in EHS leadership, strategies and tactics that can be found in the Campbell Library.

Implementing an EHS management system

An environmental, health and safety (EHS) management system is based on critical elements that can help create operational excellence within an organization. This article from Chevron identifies crucial elements, highlights lessons learned and presents a case study to help organizations across all industries implement a worthy EHS management system.

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Building an effective safety intervention program

American-owned oil company, Niger-Delta shares their research on the statistical evaluation and analysis of safety intervention for an effective resource allocation strategy. This white paper centers highlights five main safety intervention factors- (1)leadership and accountability, (2) qualification selection and pre-job, (3) employee engagement and planning, (4) work in progress; (5) evaluation, measurement and verification.

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Strengthening leadership

Supervisors are critical in building and maintaining a safety culture. Managers and supervisors can learn and use five essential leadership skills to produce superior results. Such systems and tools represent an opportunity for safety professionals to increase their value to their organizations.

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