The Campbell Institute Library offers high-quality vetted materials to help organizations in their journey of continuous improvement. The following three articles are a look at the collection of best practices in EHS leadership, strategies and tactics that can be found in the Campbell Library.


What is the correlation between your workplace community and your safety compliance?

How do work characteristics such as job demands, job control and social support predict employee safety performance? The study, Job Demands-Controls-Support Model and Employee Safety Performance, is analyzed self-reported work characteristics and employee safety performance from 280 healthcare staff (doctors, nurses and administrative staff) from emergency departments of seven hospitals in the United Kingdom. Findings show that the social support of co-workers support is positively related to safety compliance and participation. .

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Developing supervisors and managers as safety leaders

What supervisors do—and how well they do it—can have a positive impact on safety efforts as well as overall performance.  This paper outlines key safety activities for supervisors, how these activities are directly related to the leadership practices that drive safety, and how to leverage them for supervisory development and organizational safety improvement.

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Benchmarking organizational leading indicators for the prevention and management of injuries and illnesses

Can a simple tool be developed that will predict a firm's workplace injury experience based on an assessment of its health and safety policies and practices? A team of partners within Ontario's occupational health and safety system set out to find the answer. They developed an eight-item questionnaire that was administered to more than 800 workplaces. One respondent in each workplace was asked to assess the degree to which their organization adhered to optimal occupational health and safety policies and practices. Find out how their scores correlated to their organization's injury rates and how we can begin developing a measurement tool for leading indicators.

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