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2017 Innovation Challenge winner announced

This year's Innovation Challenge winner is...drum roll please... Washington River Protection Solutions! Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS) is reducing the environmental risk posed by 56 million gallons of radioactive and chemical waste stored in 177 underground tanks… Continued

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Safety leadership in the boardroom

Safety leadership efforts generally focus on managers and supervisors with very little attention placed on the role of the most senior leaders in business. So what can safety leadership look like in the boardroom?

Frequently safety leadership research focuses on the behavio… Continued

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Justin Dugas on Fatigue

I recently had the chance to participate in the NSC's Fatigue Blue Ribbon Panel discussion, and it was truly eye-opening.  We've known for years that rotating shifts, extended work days/weeks, and external factors related to the demands of life can lead to lack of adequate rest… Continued

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Use of the Psychomotor Vigilance Test (PVT) in Fitness For Work Assessments

We all are at increased risk of making errors at home or at work that could result in injuries when we are not alert (i.e., fatigued). However, for some of us, due to the nature of our jobs, alertness is a much greater safety issue than for others. The consequences of errors can impact not … Continued

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National Safety Council - Fatigue Initiative

About 13% of workplace injuries can be attributed to sleep problems, according to a study published in 2014 in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews [1]. In fact, nearly 38% of the U.S. workforce is sleep deprived [2] - resulting in decreased attention to the job at hand. In July 2016, Nationa… Continued

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USG's winning application now available

Each year, an organization demonstrating that a well-integrated EHS management system leads to proven success in EHS practices and enhances the business' productivity, that also shows consistent improvement or sustained leading performance and financial management, is awarded the highes… Continued

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Fatigue-risk in the Workplace

Fatigue is an unavoidable vulnerability in the workplace, humans are not machines and need rest and recuperation to function properly. Fatigue describes feelings of tiredness, sleepiness, reduced energy and increased effort needed to perform tasks at a desired level. Fatigue affects our abi… Continued

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Developing an effective safety governance framework

While they may not be involved in day-to-day management of a company, board members influence the tone and safety culture of an organisation through the questions they ask, the focus they place on key organisational issues and the messages they given during direct interactions with employee… Continued

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OSHA sustainability white paper release

"Sustainability strives to balance social, environmental, and economic considerations to achieve long term success and viability. Responsible firms currently embrace the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit to achieve sustainability goals. While these efforts have mostly fo… Continued

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Staying safe this holiday season

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...those six words elicit a warm feeling of joy and happiness but let us not get distracted by the possible safety hazards involved. This holiday season, we want to keep that fire controlled and supervised. By Mid-December many of us have visited, and will … Continued

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Turning the tide on the opioid crisis

A few months ago, the U.S. Surgeon General took historic action by sending a personal letter to more than 2.3 million health care practitioners and public health leaders. He was seeking our help in addressing the prescription opioid crisis. The fight contines today - go to www.TurnTheT… Continued

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Becoming a world-class health and safety leader

Health and safety professionals are increasingly expected to be leaders in their businesses, whatever their level in the organization. But what does a great health and safety leader look like? Dr Kirstin Ferguson suggests some approaches.

Health and safety professionals are … Continued

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HSE Interdependency

EHS? HSE? SHE? No matter which acronym you prefer, they all reflect an interdependency between health, safety and environmental protection and promotion.  HSE professionals often focus on safety and environmental issues outside of the work environment; for example, by promoting recycli… Continued

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Campbell in Safety + Health

Adam Levine is the associate director and associate curator of ancient art at the Toledo Museum of Art, a partner of the Campbell Institute. Adam's piece in NSC's latest Safety + Health magazine looks at the way visual literacy can be used in the safety world to help … Continued

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September's Look

The Campbell Institute Library offers high-quality vetted materials to help organizations in their journey of continuous improvement. The following three articles are a look at the collection of best practices in EHS leadership, strategies and tactics that can be found in the Campbell Libra… Continued

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